Titan Beds

Titan Beds are a leading UK seat/bed manufacturer offering innovative design along with extensive safety testing over their range of beds. All seat/bed systems are manufactured in the UK and are M1 pull tested, fully complying with the latest seatbelt anchorage legislation. Certificates are suppled for both peace of mind and insurance purposes.

The Titan Mid-Mounted seat/bed system

As the name suggests, it is mid-mounted leaving luggage space between the bed system and the rear access door. What this means is, when using your camper, all outdoor equipment and bedding can be stored behind the Titan bed, leaving the front area clear of clutter and usable should you wish to stop off somewhere nice for lunch.

The Titan Reverse-Opening seat/bed system

Mounts directly behind the cab seats in a similar position to standard VW Kombi seating. The trick with this seat/bed is, when it opens into ‘bed mode’ it pulls out toward the back of the van and is self-supporting. No supporting legs here slowly ruining your flooring! When in seat mode, it maximises the rear load area making for a very multi-purpose vehicle.

The Titan Vari-Mount seat/bed system on rails

The latest offering from Titan beds. This bed being on rails, gives total flexibility. If you need maximum space in the back, slide it forward. Want space up front, slide the bed to the back of your van. The Vari-Mount is mounted onto a genuine VW Caravelle/California rail system and is installed using genuine VW underfloor fittings.

Scopema RIB Beds

The RIB Altair is another M1 tested seat/bed system available from us here at CampingWagon. Mid-mounted with integral head rests, the RIB can be transformed into a flat comfortable bed by flipping over the front and back cushion. The RIB is available in several width configurations and is also available in several different trim options.


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