A pop top elevating roof is an easy way to add additional living space to your campervan as well as creating extra space for sleeping. We currently offer pop top roofs from three leading manufacturers, all of which have TUV approval.

Skyline Roofs

The Skyline pop top roof has been developed and in manufacture for over 10 years. Skyline manufacture their roof system using advanced vacuum moulding techniques ensuring a superior rigid pop top roof with no external fittings. This coupled with their 100% waterproof canvas gives one of the best elevating roofs on the market today!

All Skyline roofs include a canvas in a choice of 28 coloured vinyl’s along with a whole host of additional extras. Roof panels come in either polished black or white as standard as well as colour coded to match your vehicle.

Skyline Roofs are a UK manufacturer using UK only sourced products and have Full TUV Approval for their VW T5 and T6 roofs.


An established brand of over 35 years, Reimo is another quality choice for your Transporter and their Easy Fit elevating roof system is no exception.
The GRP front roof spoiler is both functional and stylish giving your camper that ‘California’ look whilst the built in GFK strengthening frame takes care of replacing any strength, removed during roof cutting.
The elevating roof canvas is 100% breathable cotton mesh (grey) and has 3 windows, all of which, can be opened and closed from inside the roof. Side windows are equipped with mosquito nets to ensure good ventilation and can be zipped open completely.
Available in factory gel coat white or colour coded to match your vehicle, the Reimo Easy fit roof system has full TUV approval.


SCA sleeper roofs are renowned for their high-quality engineering and manufactured to the highest standards.

SWB SCA 194 High

The high scissor lifts provide considerably more leg room and make it possible to sleep with your head towards the rear. Compared to the previous solution, the lift has been increased by 25 cm.
A high-quality slatted base with an aluminium frame provides even more comfort when reclining or sleeping.
The arching of the slatted base gives passengers on the rear seat bench more headroom when the bed is folded down and the roof is closed.
New Southco locks with integrated safety straps ensure simple and secure locking of the roof.
The roof shell is manufactured using a vacuum expansion process guaranteeing consistent wall thickness and ensuring that the outer surface of the roof shell is smooth and non-profiled.

SCA 192 Comfort LWB

The SCA 192 Comfort sleeper roof has been developed for the VW T5 and T6 with a long wheelbase.
The GRP frame changes into an integrated front spoiler at the front. The canvas bellows have a sewn-in folding mechanism that prevents them from getting stuck and becoming damaged when closing the roof.
The convenient central locking with powerful external clamping blocks ensures that the roof closes securely. The access opening can be closed by a cover which can be pulled out of the reclining area.


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